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At Wallskors Studio, we participate and collaborate in creating our own video games events. Thereby, we organize live coding and we move to gaming events to show and make you test our games.

On our road to master the field

From Unreal Engine to Unity, the game development is a field where we never stop learning and improving ourselves.

The launch of our own games and gaming servers will launch the start of the opening of our studio to the world. We can’t wait to show you the first renderings, stay tuned for news from the company !


We are an independent video game studio that produces its own video games with the help of artists and developers. The studio is one of the branches of Wallskors Entreprise and participates in its development as a versatile company.

Many games are currently under constant development with Unreal Engine, and others are already available for download ! We often publish news about our activities or about the video games development industry in general.

A new website for Wallskors Studio

Correctly synchronized and developed by a passionate developer, our Studio section is officially included with all of our divisions. Indeed, Wallskors Studio does not intend to remain static and inactive, but to render and update these projects. This sector will evolve over time along with all the other division in order to move the company and his community forward. The purpose of our sites is to provide you with an overview of the products and services Wallskors Entreprise provide, as we are meticulous in detail and constantly making progress while producing our games.

Our Events

Whether it is through game design conferences or video game development competitions, we have and will remain very active at community events in our region. Thus, we have also given ourselves the opportunity to develop our organizational skills by creating such events for everyone. If you would like to come and see us, now is the time !

We just have opened our own kickstarter !

We just opened our first kickstarter this month ! If you want to support our project Canadian Traveller, feel completely free to make a donation, you’ll be rewarded. In order to achieve the great results we inspire for this video game, it is important that we collect the necessary finances. A big thank you to all those who have been following and supporting us all this time, and to all the visitors we were lucky enough to receive !


Taking the time to do the levels correctly and paying attention to the details makes our work meticulous. We take into account many parameters such as the general gameplay of the game, the evolution and level of the player, as well as the credibility of each of our levels in the context of the game. Our goal is to offer you the best possible scenario and level design in order to make you feel yourself when you play a video game. Bringing you a sense of freedom is one of our priorities.


Wallskors Entreprise, with its composition in several divisions, enters the world of multi-purpose IT companies. Indeed, through each of its unique and specific divisions, Wallskors promotes his Video Games Making Studio to great challenges in terms of realizations and renderings. As you can see from our games, it’s a whole complex universe we develop for the public.

While other divisions are more professional, this one and Wallskors Gaming allow us to get closer to our community and have fun with you. Game development is a passion and Wallskors Gaming shares it with its audience.


Discover our latest news, information and sharing. So you can learn more about us and our current projects, or sometimes even how to run an independent studio! We share tips and tricks to help you bring your game development projects to fruition. Come and publish or share your suggestions with us !

Work with us in many ways

Have a project in head, something you want to share, or any suggestions about our games and creations ? Come and talk with us on our discord server. We’re a growing community of creators mixed with awesome people.


Discover our latest creations here, all our games and all our work (level design, projects, gamejams competitions…) are referenced here. We constantly share new content and participate in many events, and we are always open to your feedback. Tell us if you like it !

Discover and Feel

In the world of Wallskors, you’re your own director. We make games to make you feel new or old emotions, but mostly for you to have much fun ! We mainly focus ourselves on singleplayer games, but maybe in multiplayer games in the next years, who knows ?! Our games have also the particularity to make you discover things you never see before, we’re constantly innovating into new prototypes and ideas, that make our games the most complete in terms of attention to detail and innovation.

Wallskors Gaming, e-sport pavilion

Indeed, we often launch e-sport events in our region of Canada where you can interact and have fun play with ! If you desire to be part of this adventure, you can check on Wallskors Gaming website to see which events are upcoming ! E-sport competition and events are real opportunities for you to develop your skills and find teams to play with. Feel free to join us anytime for further information, we’re always happy to see you in our events.

Want to be our Partner ? Contact Us !

Ever dreamed of being one of our partner and working with the team ? We can assure you we love the partnership. It is through our united forces we’re working hard to make great and powerful content for our players.

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