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A division dedicated to streaming, gaming news, organization of matches and e-sport competitions as well as testing of our own games! This division is currently in solid development, however, you can already visit the site and get a glimpse of the world that will open up to you very soon ! Enjoy your visit.


It's the passion to create and share with a community of players that has brought us to this point. That's why we've teamed up with Wallskors Enterprise to create competitions that bring together players, developers and fans! We're happy to present you with a whole pavilion, and we're committed to serving the extraordinary gaming community that you are.


#Yearly Competitions

A big competition for all teams and players who wish to participate is already planned for 2021. Registration will be open soon. This competition brings together high-level players alongside amateurs to give them a vision of a potential career that would be able to do, and simply to have fun !

Gaming Tournaments 2020




Wallskors Gaming is a division focused exclusively on e-sport and video gameplay. You can create an account or log in with your existing Wallskors account (whether you are a customer, partner, member, developer or game player, you have access to the entire division). The goal is to set up a reliable and respectable community. We participate and organize many matches around the globe and via our discord server. Stay tuned !

A set of titles and trophies is being created according to the different events that will be organized. The titles will be awarded according to the games, their duration, the number of players, the difficulty and other variations and will allow each of you to develop your skills and abilities. Whether you're a casual or professional player, you can already earn the title of member at Wallskors !

Until all of the pavilions are complete, we are recruiting moderators and administrators to help us manage the shows and new Wallskors Gaming members. So if you have good communication skills and are willing to help newcomers, please let us know, we welcome applications.

Create Your Team


Or find one

If you are having trouble finding a team, you can use Discord as an intermediary to get to know the community and offer yourself available to join a new team. If you still haven't found a team during competition hours, you can decide to try the experience solo as well, or join a random team.

Team registrations are also done on a shared drive file. Teams that are short of players can leave free slots and the criteria they are looking for in players. So it's important that you take a look at this while you're searching! Our competitions and events are also designed to bring you closer to your community.


How do I purchase a ticket to your events ?

You can order your tickets to our competitions and events on Eventbrite. More detailed information about the competitions will be posted on our website (tab “competitions”) as well as on Eventbrite. After purchasing your ticket, you will receive a receipt by email and the information about the status you have chosen (team leader, free player, etc).

How to be informed of the date and place of your future events ?

To be informed of upcoming events and competitions, just follow us on our Facebook page, where everything will be properly announced one month before it starts.

Where to register as a team, or as a solo player ?

For this, there are three possibilities. They all apply once you have ordered your ticket on Eventbrite, and that all members of your team do the same (if there are several of you). The first is that we invite all team leaders who wish to do so to report their team members to us on our Discord. The second is that we invite them to write each member on a shared board file. And the third is that we ask you directly on Eventbrite when you order your ticket.

How to be part of the volunteers for the organization of the event ?

To be part of the volunteers of the organization of our competitions and events, we will ask you to fill out the form at the bottom of this page (section “partnership”) and to specify the role you wish to have. Or simply send us a message on our Facebook page.

Once there, what should be planned and brought ?

Once there, you will face our staff who will lead you in the right direction, whether you are a player looking for a team or the leader of a group! Remember to bring food and refreshments.

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Why Go With Us ?



We're players too, we like playing video games and have fun. We also know that this often requires teamwork. So we are committed to being there for each and every one of you.


Live Support

You can contact us at any time if you have any troubles in your experience, there will always be someone at the end of the line to answer and help you.


Great Experience

We do our best to offer you a new and unique experience. In fact, it is through our events that you will be able to achieve any kind of victory !



Passionated about computers, we also create video games in addition to playing them ! Therefore, we are creative in our events and help you discover the jobs in this field.








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Just implemented new map, new wild animals and new type of environment to the game🐻🇨🇦 We take our time to focus on level details and smooth animation transitions🤸‍♂️

#MadeWithUe4 #lowpoly #indiegames #indiedev #videogames #3D #Art #LevelDesign #GameDesign #Studio

After three month of hard work the team is proud to present to you our trailer for the game Palette ! You can find the game of itch (check our bio ;) ) !


#indiegames #IndieGameDev

We've been working on our artificial intelligence for a long time now, and let's not stop the progress and discoveries until we can make connections with the cybersecurity field. 🔬
Next update on Wallskors A.I coming soon ! 🔥

#AI #JavaScript #WebDevelopment #Python #DataMining

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