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All our documentation

You are currently on the site that references the documentation of all our works in computer science and those regardless of their field.


All our softwares have user documentation that can be found in this pavilion and brings a better understanding of our projects to make you seasoned users.


All of our applications are documented, both in terms of their use and their programming with the modules that make them up.


If the company has provided you with a software or tool program and it is up to you to customize it, you will find the specifications here.

Web Services

For all our websites and web services set up there is a reference point to help you in case of loss of data or additional programming.

How it works

Throughout all our configurations, all our setups and all our tutorials, you will often find code to insert or modify according to the needs of your business, so you will have to copy and paste certain parts.

                var InteractiveSteps = (function(){
                    var steps = $('.js-steps-interactive');
                    steps.each(function() {
                    var step = $(this);
                    var config = config = {
                      headerTag: "h4",
                        transitionEffect: "fade",
                        labels: {
                          current: ''
                    var userConfig = step.data('config');

                    $.extend(true, config, userConfig);

Create your projects

Whether you are a business owner or simply have an IT project idea in mind, we are here to offer you the possibility to realize your projects and provide you with ongoing support. For this purpose, all project creation requests can be found in the Wallskors Services pavilion.

Increase your creativity

Wallskors documentation is there to serve as a pillar in terms of flexibility and mastery of the IT tools that your business or projects present, so our main focus is to make your world and your comfort in this area better.

Our field that use WDoc

Depending on the field in which we work, we are often able to set up documentation in order to meet the user's need for reliable online support adapted to his needs.

Want to find out more about us and our programs? Come and talk to us !

If you are interested in learning more about our working methods, projects etc... or if you just want to contact us for something else, we are here for you.


Frequently asked questions on our site and through social media, see if you can find answers to your questions through this FAQ. Otherwise, contact us, we are here to provide you with solutions.

Where can I find the right documentation for my company's software ?

Usually, we indicate the link to the documentation adapted to your software by direct link after its delivery. However, if this has not been done, please look in the "Official Documentation" section of our site, contact us if there is nothing suitable for you.

How do I apply for a project?

To apply to our company for a project, it's in the Wallskors Services pavilion! You can make a request here and we will contact you to talk about your project, its evolution and conditions so that we can work together.

How do I update my software?

Every time we update, we send an email to our customers so they can download the new version! However, you can also find the latest version of your software with your customer accesses here.